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'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' resumes filming in Atlanta

• The Disney+ series was a month or two from completing principal photography, when it was shut down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• The series started filming again last week, but Disney and Marvel have yet to share the details of the COVID-19 precautions they are taking on their Atlanta sets.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier was supposed to hit Disney+ in August, and a new premiere date has yet to be announced.

• Emily VanCamp was seen on set and op is hoping that the fantastic suit means that she actually gets shit to do because the movies wasted her

• MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre was spotted on set, confirming the rumor from late last year that Batroc the Leaper (the villain from the first few minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier) would reappear in the series.

Tags: film - action / adventure, film set / candids, marvel, sebastian stan

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I really don't get these big movies filming. NO WAY is a crew this big maintaining Covid rules. No way!
I agree. If there’s a COVID outbreak then Netflix and other Georgia productions will probably stay shut down for longer, but if one happens I’m betting that Disney will try to cover it up

Deleted comment

Hell no they aren't. Its why I also refuse to eat out even through curbside. You have no idea if the people preparing your food are being safe.
i hate how maligned emily van camp/sharon is in the MCU fandom. emily's great (watch the first season of revenge) and sharon's got a lot of potential. i hope this lets her shine.
they shafted her character in favor of peggy :'(
i love her in the comics, but they didn't give emily anything to work with in the movies. i hope bucky and sharon become cat-custody-sharing-besties in this. it's basically my only MCU-related hope anymore
Because they
a)downplayed her for Peggy
b)threw away all her story/scenes
and/or c) replaced her with Natasha or other randoms
ditto tbh
i read a post on tumblr on how originally she was supposed to be used in the mcu

-she was supposed to be the agent who wakes up steve in that 1940s room
-she was supposed to be the waitress who works at the cafe steve sits at in the avengers (though idk how they expected us to believe that steve wouldn't recognise her lmao)
-she was supposed to have a heavier role in tws (basically nat's role but they changed it around so nat and steve's relationship deepened)
- she was supposed to be involved in the airport fight in cw but they didn't (apparently one woman in tight leather is enough) there's concept art with her fighting on cap's side. she literally just pops up to give the boys their uniform and disappears
Emily is such a sweet person (from what I see on her IG at least) and I've had a soft spot for her for years, got into Revenge just for her and it's honestly just sad how she has been treated in the MCU (both by the fans and her constantly getting shafted in favor of someone else).
I do hope this time the fans will let her be, maybe without the love connection to Steve they can let her be.
I hope Sharon has a big role in the series.
Good luck to the crew. Not the most ideal time to be filming.
He's going to be the only poc in this?
Early this year they announced Carl Lumbly as part of the cast, rumored to be playing Isiah Bradley (and people are speculating this could lead to the introduction of Eli Bradley)
Well well.
I wonder if ScarJo will show up for a few scenes? My fave POC tree <3 <3


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my girl Emily Vancamp, shining as always!!

I'm sooo happy to see Sharon back. Sharon carter deserves to be well developed and have more chances to shine!
Our Sharon Carter gc was going insane yesterday when the photos were released!!
Haha mine too! Everyone was messaging me too lmao.
I cannot fucking wait. This was the MCU show I was most looking forward to.
Emily looking stunning as per, SebStan and Anthony Mackie looking also cute as per! I am SO READY for this show tbh.

Why don't I have a Bucky icon, brb time to make some ready.
Wishing the cast and crew all the best and that they stay safe and healthy 🙏

I'm glad to see Emily there, I like Sharon and they did her dirty in the movies :/ Hopefully they treat her better this time <3
i am READY for the buckysam fandom to finally THRIVE, but we all know it probably won't be as big as things like st*cky for very obvious reasons.
Me too! We need some good stories to keep us going. It has bare lately. :(

Fuck Stucky lol 90% of their stans are the worst. I can't even enjoy the friendship moments between them because it's been ruined.

I am so ready for BuckySam fics. I need my fix.
BuckySam has been the superior ship from day one
SAME!!! buckysam is an underrated ship and im ready to be eating good bc of this show. i also love anthony and sebastian's irl relationship too lmao theyre so fucking funny together
Steve fucked off to geriatric land, it’s time for SAMCAP and his side cube Bucky action
haaaay i've always had a chubby for GSP even though i tend to prefer men with dark hair and a tan. i didn't know he was acting.
I truly do not understand workplaces forcing people to come back right now - the pandemic is getting worse, not better! jfc
i am fully expecting a dogpile, but i've been back in the office since june. i work in quality assurance. it's impossible in my field to create products working from home and i am personally glad to be working again.

this isn't a commentary on you necessarily, but capitalism has displayed for centuries/millennia that it values profit over ethics. i don't know what's not to understand. if the government isn't twisting arms, businesses are going to business.
if the government isn't twisting arms, businesses are going to business

Pretty much. I've never stopped going into the office.

Hopefully places that are just opening up take great precautions in keeping thier workers safe
I actually don't disagree with you at all, this is the harsh reality of the world and capitalism. The US government values business over lives and isn't going to take any measures that would allow people to both stay home and protect their livelihoods. I'm glad you're able to do your job safely on-site. I'm also extra salty because I have a desk job that can easily be done from home and yet they've made me come back in so that we can "collaborate" which means three people standing around a piece of paper while I try to scoot into a 6' distance. I value the routine and the transition in actually GOING to work, but I don't feel like I'm safe and I would much rather not have the anxiety of being in the office if I don't have to be.

I just wish companies would let people work from home if they are able to do their jobs remotely, and with respect to the hollywood productions, I really don't see how they're able to keep the actors / crew / hair & makeup teams / etc safe on set. Obviously this isn't something that can be done remotely, but bubbles don't seem to be working for the pro sports teams because the players keep breaking it. And now seems like a bad time in particular, with flu season ramping up and the number of cases continuing to grow. The pandemic isn't managed at all, yet businesses are acting like it's totally fine and nobody is in danger.


September 15 2020, 23:12:07 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 23:20:45 UTC

i remember reading early on in, like, march that this was going to be a shitshow for twelve months+. i decided very early on that getting upset over public behavior, becoming exasperated at capitalism not giving af, and raging at governmental response were three areas i wasn't getting upset about for over a year.

we know people suck. we been knew unfettered capitalism is cancer. we know governmental response is borderline useless. all you can control is yourself and your own behavior.
but the economy

Deleted comment

I was thinking about this show today and how we would have already gotten it had it not been for Covid. On one hand, I'm glad production has resumed because as dumb as it sounds, this show has been one of the few things I've been looking forward to and knowing we'll get it one day has been keeping me going most days, but on the other hand... It still isn't safe for stuff to start filming again.
Whenever it comes out, I will be there watching.
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