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How Tiffany Pollard Transcended Stereotypes About Black Women

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i-d magazine has an article about how Queen Tiffany "New York" Pollard shattered through stereotypes about black women and criticism about Flavor of Love to become the iconique kween that she is today.

  • "In celebrating Tiffany Pollard, we should think of her as far more than a social media star; rather, she’s a reality TV genius who’s beat the odds to outdo the genre at its own racist, sexist game."

  • "Tiffany’s story tells the tale of a resourceful, talented TV hopeful winning against an industry hostile towards Black female performers.

  • Understanding the cravings producers and audiences held for larger-than-life personalities like her own, she upped the ante as the villainous, Flav-obsessed “head bitch in charge” in efforts to market her talent and capture the attention of the show.

  • Black women in the media who operate outside of the narrow margins set for appropriate behaviour remain disregarded as uncouth, indecent and vulgar – irrespective of skill.

  • Tiffany was a trailblazer amongst others in recognising the limitations of [respectability politics] criticism, and a reminder that Black women should not have to be limited to flattening, universal characterisations of what constitutes “good behaviour”.

  • Her ingenious quotes... were more than spontaneous comments to arouse drama, and rather the creation of a brilliant comedic mind.

  • [She] created a long-lasting media presence relevant to this day."

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