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Julie and the Phantoms boss Kenny Ortega on queerness and music & BTS videos


One song that really resonated with me in particular is 'Emily', the one Luke wrote for his mother. Can you tell me more about how that song came about and why it was so important to include?

Luke is a ghost, so he's unable to communicate with his family, and make amends for the difficulties in their relationship. And this song – we just felt that this was an awesome song opportunity for Charlie Gillespie, who does it all; he has a beautiful voice and an amazing heart. He's an extraordinary young man and guitarist.

Another big highlight is Alex's queer storyline. A lot of your previous work has hinted at a LGBTQ+ subtext, so what does it mean now for you personally to share this storyline with the world?

I love it. I mean, I love it as a gay man. I like to draw from my own life experiences, and rock and roll, and theatre, and film, and concerts – but also my humanity, you know? It's the character I wish was there for me when I was growing up, and who never appeared.

Towards the end, Alex and Willie share a very emotional hug. Did you ever consider including a gay kiss in this scene?

What we wanted there was a moment of great connection, a deep bond. At that moment, I wanted them to take their time. I just wanted it to come from some place deep within. And the way that they grabbed hold of each other, I felt was as powerful as a kiss or anything else that I could have asked for.

*rolling my eyes at that hug and that answer but ok*


has anyone else watched yet? it's a very cute well-made family show. would recommend!
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