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The Office's Best Characters ranked (from worst to best)

TVLine took the time to rank The Office best characters. The list consist of 30 characters who were on the show the whole time to those who guest starred for a few episodes.

30. Robert California

(played by James Spader)

What they said about the character: "...his weirdo antics quickly grew tiresome, and he never meshed with the rest of the ensemble. We deem his job performance to be: unsatisfactory."

24. Charles Minor

(played by Idris Elba)

What they said about the character: "... his stint as the exasperated manager brought in to oversee the Scranton crew was too brief for our tastes. (And we know Kelly and Angela agree with us.)"

19. Oscar Martinez

(played by Oscar Nunez)

What they said about the character: he "...often ended up being the straight man, quietly enduring Michael’s offensive behavior, so he tended to be outshined by his more outrageous coworkers. We did like the taboo love triangle between him, Angela and the state senator, though."

16. Phyllis Vance

(played by Phyllis Smith)

What they said about the character: Even though we liked her as the "the sweet, maternal heart of the office", she's best "when she let her savage side come out, especially in her frequent tiffs with Angela. Plus, her and Bob Vance: relationship goals".

6. Kelly Kapoor

(played by Mindy Kaling)

What they said about the character: No we do not want to share a cubicle with the man-crazed Kelly though "she was absolute comedy gold. Her on-again, off-again romance with Ryan was a reliable source of laughs — and judging by the prevalence of memes featuring her, we’re just starting to fully appreciate her genius."

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