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C. Thomas Howell Tells Some of His Best Hollywood Stories

In an interview with toofab, C. Thomas Howell revealed a few behind-the-scenes tales for Hollywood-lore junkies.

Meeting Tom Cruise on "The Outsiders":

"Tom was the guy that like, so after the rumble, he shows up the next day and he went to the dentist and had a tooth removed. "He had like a cap on the front of his tooth. He had it removed and he shows up and he shows Francis [Ford Coppola] and he's like 'Whaddya think?'" He didn't have his tooth, man!"

"Tom took it to another level," he continued with a laugh. "We were like, 'Dude, your part is tiny. What are you doing here, man?'

"And then toward the end of the production, Tom was like, 'I'm going to go to Chicago and do this thing called 'Risky Business,'" he continued. "We're like, 'Well, go have a good time with whatever the hell that is.' And it was like six months later -- we're all sliding in our socks and our tighty-whities singing Bob Seger, you know? We couldn't believe it."

"And he is super business-minded. He is extremely calculative and he knows what's going on with everybody on the set. And he doesn't put up with shenanigans."

The actor added with a laugh, "And if you're not there to benefit the group, you're politely going to be tapped on the shoulder and probably not be coming back tomorrow, but in a nice way."

"That's just who he is. That's how he needs to operate. And I would love to work with him again."

"I was Marty McFly for two weeks," Howell said. "They brought me in and I was rehearsing and working and basically had the role. And I remember being in makeup and I got sort of a memo to call my agent and a movie that weekend came out called 'Mask' and it was starring Eric Stoltz and Cher. And it was a big hit and it was for Universal -- who did 'Back to the Future.'"

"And from the very top, they said, 'Listen, we think we're going to go with Eric Stoltz and not Tommy Howe,'" he continued. "And they sent me packing and they shot with him for a month or so. And for whatever reason, it didn't speak to the studio -- the performance -- and they replaced him with Michael J. Fox."

"What a process to get what they got and Fox was fantastic in it."

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