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Britain's Got Talent recieves over 15,500 complaints over BLM tribute

A Little Background:
Diversity are a British dance troupe (remember when that was a thing?!?) who beat Susan Boyle to win Britain' Got Talent in 2009, like its name, the group is made up of a 'diverse' group of dancers, and is headed up by the Banjo brothers Perry Kiely who are all mixed-race but have never really spoken out about race (as far as I am aware).

Last weekend Diversity took to the stage for the moving tribute performance, which was inspired by the death of George Floyd and saw Banjo lay beneath a figure in police uniform who placed his knee on the star’s neck. Since them, Britian's racists have been doing what they do best, and have sent in over 15,500 complaints to Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom about the performance.

Diversity's frontmen Ashley and Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely have been inundated with racial abuse and death threats since their perfomance but have vowed to carry on fighting for BLM.

The performance in question can be seen below:

Source: Yahoo!, Twitter
Britian has always been racist but the last few years have seen it take a terrifyingly insidious turn, Diversity were literally the closet thing most British white people had to a Black friend and now they are receiving death threats and boycotts because they asked to be recognised as people.
Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, race / racism
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