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Let's Have a Look at Some Venice Film Festival Lewks (These Celebrities are Testing Me)

Oh no baby what is you doing? and Director Anna Hui, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Blanchett serves at the president of this year's festival.

Okay, an improvement Signora Blanchett

Model and fashion sustainability advocate Arizona Muse.

Tilda Swinton. She actually did wear real functional masks though.

Nathalie Emmanuel

Gia Coppola and Mia Hawke

Pedro Almodóvar giving us a Florida retiree showing up to the Zoom meeting. Swinton stars his in short film "The Human Voice"

Vanessa Kirby, there's not enough good pics of this dress. Not even on her own Instagram.

Anna Foglietta, Italian actress who serves as the emcee because we love a suit.

Actual model Maty Fall Diba. She posted that this was her first red carpet - awww!

Italian popstar Elodie.

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Just an excuse post to talk about fashion and Italy in general. If you've seen one of the films that has been screened at this year's festival please share! Next post will be some panels with these non social distancing folk.
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