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The View: Jane Fonda, Robin Roberts, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Literally. He knew covid was airborne. He knew it was 5x as deadly as the flu. He knew it affected children and young people. He knew masks would be beneficial. He claims he played it down to not panic people but regularly incites panic with his racist base about immigrants, Antifa, anarchists, your suburbs, cows, windmills, mail in votes, OBiden. The usual GOP sycophants and enablers are silent as usual. Mr Law & Order has never watched the show because he’s clearly guilty of negligent homicide. The panel says what you think they’d say. And Meghan says stupid things.

Hot Topic Rage

Bob Woodward’s new book Rage is getting him blamed for not releasing the tapes earlier but his interviews for the book lasted until just recently and had to be fact-checked. Whether he shoulders blame doesn’t distract from the fact that as usual T45 is the lying liar who lies his lies. Lots more in the book about N Korea, T45 weird man-crush on Kim Jung Un. It’s 18 hours of recorded tape bat-shittery. Anyway the panel argues whether Woodward was to blame. Meanwhile T45 had a press conference this afternoon because he's mad and blamed Bob Woodward for America's coronavirus response.

Hot Topic Shark Attack

Paige Winter is a 17 yr old attacked by shark who is trying to get her life back. Robin Roberts has a special about her journey. First they talk about her interview with Biden and Harris. Then they move on to Paige, who lost her leg and two fingers as a result of a shark attack. Plays clip of her talking about the actual attack. They talk about her resilience and positive attitude throughout the attack and her recovery. Her dad, a firefighter and paramedic, rushed in the water to save her life. Airs on ABC @ 10PM, check local listings.

Hot Topic Jane Fonda

[Her plastic surgeon is the real hero, she looks fab]

Jane Fonda wrote a new book What Can I Do. They cover her protests last year about climate change, how civil disobedience is important. The difference in how she was treated as a white person, even in jail, vs poc. They move on to climate crisis. She tried to engage the WH but couldn’t get past Princess Nepotista. Talks about fracking and refineries impacting poc more because they’re put in poc communities causing them side effects. She’s sassy. Wonders if we’ll turn into Brazil or Russia who are run by bad people.

They talk about the nuances of defunding the police. Gives example of Newark NJ. Reconfiguring it not eliminating it. Moves on to BLM and the initiatives led by women. Believes they lead with joy. Feels the pandemic may have resulted in more people participating because they felt they need to get out and take action, plus the pandemic bringing more awareness of how poc are treated on the frontlines of healthcare.

Ontd do you prefer IHOP or Waffle House?

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