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The View: Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan.

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Vaccine trial was halted due to adverse effects from test patient, while T45 told Winston Salem NC racists at his KKK rally last night that the vaccine will be available at record speed. [Narrator: it will not]. Mumps vaccine took 4 yrs, Polio vaccine took 20 yrs, it’s not simple. He lies lies and lies some more. Long story short, T45 constant lies and oversimplification of a vaccine development will result in people being hesitant -on this vaccine- even when it really becomes available. He feeds into the anti-vaxx movement amongst people who normally support and believe in vaccines.

Hot Topic Covid Affects Young People Too

Segment covers school scenario. Parents are between a rock and a hard place. They want their kids back in a normal routine and proper education setting but at the same time they don’t want their family especially those at-risk impacted.

Hot Topic Whoopi Likes Cobra Kai

Whoopi really likes the show, talks about the premise, Ralph Macchio carries on from the Karate Kid 34 years later opening a dojo and rekindles his rivalry with [his original rival] with both actors reprising their roles. It airs on Netflix

Hot Topic Election Polls

Blah di blah FL poll stuff. Pfft.

1. Ignore all polls
2. Register to vote
3. Apply for absentee or mail in ballot
4. Fill it out and take it to an official voting location to be sure it gets counted
5. If not mail in, then vote early in person as soon as early voting starts

Hot Topic MelaniE is a Nude Model Escort Mail Order Bride Racist Birther Who Ruined the Rose Garden and Does Not Get a Pass Because Her Meal Ticket Faux Rich Guy is Also a Narcissistic Psychopath

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote a book about her ex-bff MelaniE called Melania and Me. Idontknowher.gif but everything she says is on brand with these degenerates. They were friends for 15 yrs until Stephanie was thrown under the bus as the culprit for financial shenanigans over the inauguration slush fund.

Meghan is an awful person I mean truly awful. Her rudeness to Stephanie vs her sucking up to Traitor Tot Don Jr whew that was a choice. Stephanie says her impetus for writing the book was to stand up for herself only after she was attacked, and didn’t take an advance for the book.

First segment
. She didn’t break her NDA, says she worked with first amendment attorneys, says T45 lawyers went after, the DOJ went after her (we have no Dept of Justice) egads

. MelaniE and Ivanka hate each other. M calls I the Princess (as a perjorative) and I calls M the portrait (one who never speaks). Stephanie says Ivanka is constantly leaking things as a WH source.

. Stephanie talks about MelaniE hiring her own photographer for the inauguration to make sure Ivanka is out of frame because Ivanka wanted it to be All About Her

Second segment
. Talks a lot about the financial improprieties. She has been cooperating with multiple official investigations. Says often she’d run to alert Trumps about this and that, only to learn they already knew, it was planned that way, they didn’t care.

. Talks more about the chaos of planning the inauguration and the enormous money thrown at it that was out of pattern which raised alarms to her.

. Sara plays the MelaniE victim card. Stephanie says No Way. She’s complicit as we all know. Mentions the jacket I Don’t Really Care Do You, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Not mentioned but already revealed from the book

. MelaniE didn’t move to the WH right away in part because of Barron school, but also because she wanted the bathroom remodeled so she didn’t have to use the same shower and toilet that Michelle Obama used

Ontd what is your rage level based on today’s never-ending news cycle?

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