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Tana Mongeau "apologizes" for racism

Youtube flop Tana Mongeau has been under fire (again) by several influencers accusing her of more racist behavior.

[What basically happened]Tana accused by fellow youtuber nessa15 in a video she uploaded titled "Dear Tana Mongeau" where she reveals that she tried multiple times to befriend her due to them both sharing the same manager for their Youtube channels and because she thought they would have a lot in common based off her videos but Tana constantly gave her the cold shoulder and even though they started off good as friends, it later became apparent that Tana was excluding her from her friend group with the excuse that Vanessa (nessa15) was talking shit behind her back to other people when nessa claims that never happened. Tana even went so far as to blacklist her to multiple other influencers and make posts and live streams about her, making her seem like a backstabbing liar.
Vanessa later found out that both their manager and Tana were talking about her in a negative way, basically saying she's too much and too loud and that she's too hard to work with. They were purposely excluding her the whole time and Vanessa expressed that she felt this had racist undertones to it because Tana and her manager had otherwise no reason to do this. Vanessa also expressed that this whole mess made her feel depressed and discouraged for a very long time, as her name was being dragged by thousands of Tana fans for no reason at all.

Since this video was uploaded, among with many other accusations of similar nature, viewers have been awaiting Tana's response to people accusing her of racist behavior.

Tana sparked intense criticism after uploading her apology video in which she "addressed" past microaggressions and racist actions. Tana failed to mention in her video the exact reasons she was even making this apology in the first place, instead she gave us a 14minute vague rant about what a bad bad person she is and lecturing us on things we already know about.

Mongeau also expressed her “disgust” with “every single apology video” she’s ever made, and declared it was “far past the time” for her to take accountability for her actions... but then didn't really do so.

Though she claimed that this apology would be different, it was not met with good reviews from fans.

One user tweeted: “Tana Mongeau’s new apology video puts Laura Lee’s to shame. It was obviously a script written by her team. She didn’t mean any of it,”

Another twitter user said: “Are you serious @tanamongeau? This is actually disgusting. I cannot believe that just came out of your mouth. do you not realize how f***** up that is,”

As of September 7, the video has double the amount of “dislikes” than “likes” on YouTube.

Mongoose responded to the outrage over her apology by saying she would upload another explanatory video responding to her fans thoughts...

She recently posted on Twitter, in response to the backlash claiming she sounds like a robot in her "apology" video and like she was being held to a gunpoint:

“You’re 100% right the way I’m talking in the video is nothing like the way I talk in my regular life,” she wrote in a tweet. “I was just scared of sounding upset or emotional or crying so I cut that all out. I don’t want people to think I was being emotional.”

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