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Some Trailers for Screenings at La Biannale di Venezia (77th Venice Film Festival)

- After being one of the hardest countries hit in cases of COVID-19, Italy has since eased its lockdown restrictions and the 77th Venice Film Festival began September 2. Here are some trailers from some of the films premiering. Cate Blanchett serves as the president this year. There are so many films screened, but OP tried to highlight some women and people of color directors.

One Night in Miami - directed by Regina King. She is the first black female director to have a film premiere at the festival. (If y'all don't do betta.)

Padrenostro (Our Father) - the story of a young boy who comes of age after witnessing a traumatic event

Und morgen die ganze Welt (And Tomorrow the Entire World) - a German teenager joins a group of activists looking to stop the rise of neo-Nazis

スパイの妻 (Wife of a Spy) - a historical romance drama directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a director most known for Japanese horror (no, he is not related to Akira)

Nomadland - starring Frances McDormand and directed by Chloé Zhao, a filmmaker already with some critical darlings under her belt like The Rider and Songs My Brother Taught Me

Le Sorelle Macaluso (The Macaluso Sisters) - directed by playwright Emma Dante who also wrote and directed the stage version

Nuevo Orden (New Order) - directed by Michel Franco, this film is a Mexican-French dystopian thrilla

낙원의 밤 (Night in Paradise) - directed by Park Hoon-jung

Jenayat-e bi deghat (Careless Crime) - this film is in the running for the Orizontti, which runs parallel to Leone d'Oro to highlight new trends in up and comers in world cinema

Narciso em férias (apologies as OP wasn't sure if she found the accurate English translation) Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso reflects on his imprisonment in 1968, during the military dictatorship.

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Wanting to cover this since this is such a big cinematic event especially this year. Will be making more posts about the fashions, panels, red carpets. Also, sorry italianONTD for my crap Italian. Sto imparando.
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