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The View: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan.

The show is back after a 6 week summer break

More behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]
Sara Haines has rejoined The View as a permanent host. They welcome her back and she says things.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

The Crime and Chaos chief had dug in on his campaign theme despite bad polls. Joy lists all the awful things that have happened over the 6 weeks that the show was on summer break. Talks about eliminating the Electoral College because 4 POTUS have won the office without winning the popular vote. Meghan's hair looks awful and she says blah blah. Sara thinks both candidates are playing to their base, no nuance, partisan rhetoric. Sunny thinks T45 is chaos theory and he’s encouraging violence to distract from his failures especially 200K covid deaths, plus the militia radicalized by his rantings. Whoopi thinks when it’s reached the point of celebrating murderers, no one should be getting mowed down in America because the racist loon is egging them on.

Then there was The Atlantic article that dropped the hammer on T45 horrible rantings LOSERS AND SUCKERS about those who serve in the military. Plays a Biden clip. [Military-specific polls show a 65-35 gap in military who don’t like T45 behavior and words]. T45 claims he never said anything bad about the military while saying even more bad things about the military. He’s transactional and can’t comprehend doing anything based on service to your community or country. Sara talks about anonymous sources and both-sides the reaction. [I mean, he’s said what he said on live television and in tweets so who tf is doubting he said these things off camera, they’re totally on brand. One of the anonymous sources is probably fmr Chief of Staff and 4-star General John Kelly because T45 lit into Kelly after the article dropped. Lol he’s so bad at this]. Notably, no one who was also present has denied it.

Meghan says a lot of MyFather™ MyFamily™ things. Thinks she and her family should be given an advance heads up when people are going to report on T45 disparaging her family and the military because of course she does.

Hot Topic Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Lying Liar Who Lies

Yeah, nope. She’s promoting a book where she lies the whole time.

[Said Kim Jong Un winked at her, T45 said she should take one for the team. Because that’s a totally creepy foul normal thing to happen, and then put that story in a book like it’s actually true, appropriate, and funny.]

One item that sums up her lying nonsense:

LIE: She claims she was personally present when T45 would call families to inform them of their fallen soldier.
TRUTH: The death of soldier is never informed over the phone. A military chaplain and a Casualty Officer personally go to the house of next of kin with the dreaded knock on the door.

Ontd 8 weeks to go!

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