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5 actual quotes from Lana Del Rey's Interview Magazine cover story

The polarizing singer-songwiter Lana Del Rey was revealed as the star of Interview Magazine's September 2020 issue this weekend, and today the cover story, comprised of an interview with pop renaissance man Jack Antonoff, was published online.

In the article, the 35-year-old discusses her upcoming sixth album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, finding inspiration in the Midwest and optimism about society's future. She does not predict she will "die like a loser," or point to an ex-partner's inattentiveness as the reason for their breakup, despite claims made in a Twitter summary translated from Spanish and reposted to ONTD.

That isn't to say that Del Rey avoids waxing pretentious completely—there are several sound-bytes ripe for eyerolling to be found in her conversation with Antonoff. But unlike the ones found in the aforementioned post, they are the artist's own words. Below are five actual quotes from the interview.

1. On Chemtrails Over the Country Club:
"From the top, we knew what Norman was. But with Chemtrails, it was like, "Is this new folk? Oh, god, are we going country?" Now that it's done I feel really good about it. [...] I hear Chemtrails and I think 'work,' but I also think of my stunning girlfriends, who so much of the album is about, and my beautiful siblings. 'Chemtrails' is the title track because it mentions them all and it mentions wanting so much to be normal."

2. On Midwestern inspiration:
"It's funny, the record was Midwestern-sounding before I even went to the Midwest. What's interesting about having a true muse—and it sounds kind of ridiculous—is that you're at the whim of it. When I'm singing about Arkansas, even I'm wondering why. The one way I would describe the Midwest, Oklahoma in particular, is that it's not cooked or oversaturated, and there's still space to catch that white lightning."

3. On clubbing with Joan Baez:
"On the last tour, we went to Berkeley and I really wanted to do 'Diamonds and Rust' with Joan, and she was kind enough to accommodate me... she told me that if I'd drive out 80 miles from Berkeley, then we could practice at her kitchen table, and if it was good, she would do it. So that's what I did... Then we went out clubbing to this Afro-Caribbean two-step place and danced all night. She fucking outlasted me."

4. On "getting justified"
"I think there's been existential panic for a long time, but people haven't been paying attention to it because they've been too busy buying shoes. And shoes are cute. I love shoes. But now that you can't go shopping, you have to look at your partner and be like, 'I've lived with you for 20 years, but do I even know you?'

"I think a lot of people are that way. I got a lot of shit for not only talking about it, but talking about lots of other things for a super long time. I don't feel justified in it, because I'm not the kind of artist who's ever going to get justified. I will die an underdog and that's cool with me."

5. On the future:
"There's no way we're going to get it wrong. We're really on the right path. The #MeToo movement was not just a passing movement. Black Lives Matter, no way in hell that's going away. People talking out about mental health, there's no way they're not going to seek even more genetic testing to find out what they're predisposed to. All the scariness and worriedness and disappointment at the same time is like being in a big rocket that is shooting us into a new emotional place, and we're going to come out of it and be like, 'I don't want to go shopping. I need to go talk to somebody about something.'"

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