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Los Espookys Is The Best Show You're Not Watching

In the midst of shooting their second season, the Los Espookys team had to pause due to the growing concern of Covid-19 but are set to resume filming once it's safe enough to continue.

What is this show, you might ask? A group of friends turn their love for horror into a peculiar business, providing horror to those who need it, in a dreamy Latin American country where the strange and eerie are just part of daily life.

[What To Expect In Season 2]
The Playlist: The sixth episode of the first season had a number cliffhangers or unresolved plotlines, like the American ambassador and her reflection now with her in the real world. And it looks like for those of us who haven’t seen clear, or we haven’t seen season two, that someone is out to make Cassandra a newscaster. Was there anything you learned from the reaction of the show from the audience, through social media or whatever, that made you think, “O.K., we need to not even care about these when we move forward, or we’re going to stick to our original plan.” Did anything change in that respect before shooting season two?

Ana Fabrega: I don’t think so. I mean, I think when we were writing, at the time some of those cliffhangers were things that seemed interesting to us. And then when we came back to work on season two, we were like, “Actually, this isn’t really fun to us anymore. Let’s just scrap it.” So I don’t really know.

Julio Torres: Yeah. It’s not “Game of Thrones.” [Laughs.]. But I think that the people that liked the show really embrace the unexpected quality of it, and I think the kind of people that like our comedy beyond the shows sort of like the experience of it and just sort of allowing whatever can happen to happen, which makes it so fun to make and write.

The Playlist: There are certain questions that fans will want to know, like is Tati still married to Juan Carlos? Is Juan Carlos even gay?

Ana Fabrega: We do answer all these questions.

Julio Torres: Yeah. Those questions are dealt with. So, let me reassure that they’ll be left with more questions.

Ana Fabrega: Yeah.

Julio Torres: We actually touch on [whether Juan Carlos is gay] which I didn’t even realize that anyone wondered.

Definitely recommend reading the full article for some more insights into different choices on the show, if you're familiar with it! I'm so anxious for this to come back!

Source 1, Source 2

Have you watched Los Espookys yet, ONTD? If so, who's your favorite character?
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