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Novak Djokovic defaulted from the US Open after ball struck in anger hits lines person.

After having his serve broken, Djokovic (who seemed to be struggling with injury) hit a ball away in anger which struck a lines person in the throat. She was visible in distress and fell to the ground. Hitting an official is an automatic default.

Djokovic pleaded with the umpire for several minutes but was defaulted.

Djokovic was the oldest man standing in the singles and the last remaining slam champion, which means the ATP will have a new slam champion for the first time in 6 years.


(Not gonna put up the video but it seems like it struck the lineswoman in the throat and she went down, she did seem to be up after a while though so hopefully she's fine.)


Djokovic has left the site without doing press (is a $20,000 fine) and will be stripped of his prize money and ranking points (this is usual for a default).

The points will not affect him as ATP is keeping the ranking points from last year for the benefit of the people who did not play so he will keep his points from last year.

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