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ONTD Original: Lana Del Song Reycommendations

(hopefully this works, mods, let me know if it doesn't - thank you for the help and being so nice! and apologies to everyone for the previous post and for having to delete it and therefore your comments :( )

Bolstered by some encouraging reactions and comments, I decided to make a music post inspired by blorpz's amazing ONTD Original: Musical Substitutions for Doja Cat's 6 Best Songs post, but this time for ONTD’s fave cherry lipstick under the pale moonlight songstress - Lana Del-icate Rey! If you’re like me, you’re a flop who can’t help but love her sad droning but who also has a moral backbone and has found her Rey-cist transgressions intolerable, to a breaking point this past year in particular. To help myself cope, I took advantage of Lizzie’s undeniable musical influence (and ofc those who have influenced her) and have been checking out songs by other artists that sound a lot like her so as to itch the scratch but not continue to line del Grant’s pockets - I’ve broken them out under the cut by similar-sounding album!

Disclaimer: you might disagree with which album I put these under - it was really hard but I wanted the post to be organized lmao pls be nice, this is like my 3rd post ever ok ;_;

Lizzie Grant/Unreleased
This sound is Lana at her most playful and mischievous and most classically retro imo, so I decided these based on that. ‘The Gold Is In The Dark’ in particular sounds like it was written with her in mind.

Cat Pierce - The Gold Is In The Dark

Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time

Jesse Jo Stark - Breakfast With Lou


Born To Die/Paradise
The cinematic mood of this album is the hardest for me to come across replicas of and tbh each of the below songs fit other albums just as well if not better BUT for the purpose of being able to at least fill this part out lmao the songs below capture a bit of the spirit of BTD/Paradise - in any case, they do sound very Lana in general - especially the lyrical imagery in ‘Save Me From LA’

Lola Marsh - Remember Roses

SURREND - Bells Chime

Fefe Dobson - Save Me From LA


The essence of this album is reverb + a haunted summery mood so that’s what I went for with the below!

Katie Garfield - Weightless

Maya Hawke - So Long

Wallice - NYC


This is Lana’s most dark and mournful sounding album, but the sound is still a natural progression from the UV sound. ‘Swing With Me’ (which came out before BTD btw!) has that ‘devastated and horny lounge singer’ vibe that is such a part of Lana’s blueprint.

Chrysta Ball - Swing With Me

Jesse Jo Stark - Deadly Doll

Honey Gentry - Now I Wait


Lust For Life
Lana starts to get a bit lighter and hopeful on this album (or as ‘light’ as can be considered for her lol) with less ambience and more soft tempo with production that felt a bit more similar to her earlier vibe and sometimes even a slight twinge of country. (also to be fair to Britta Phillips, she's been singing since Lana was born but 'Drive' still felt appropriate to include since this list isn't necessarily people who have been influenced by Lana)

Sky Ferreira - Ghost

Britta Phillips - Drive

Caroline Vreeland - Love Is Here


Norman Fucking Rockwell!
There’s a hazy kind of 70s influence on this album which is what I was thinking when grouping these songs - ‘Driving’ in particular is so reminiscent of her version of Doin Time.

Donna Missal - Driving

St Vincent - Strange Mercy

Kwamie Liv - Look At What I’ve Done


Honorable mentions
I have way more than this but this post already has way too many videos :x TBH Lola Marsh's discography is VERY Lana - I had to cut out like 5 of their songs - but here's one more, and a couple others!

Lola Marsh - Give Me Some Time

Tessa Rae - Dreamland

Juanita Stein - Dark Horse

Kwamie Liv - Palm Tree Jungle

(Apologies if any of the above artists are also problematic - I'm not too familiar with any of them beyond their music so if there's anything egregious about them, let me know!)

Hope you discovered something you like here and drop any recs you have in the comments! <3

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