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Youtube Safiya Nygaard explains where she has been


Safiya is a former Buzzfeeder who started a very successful own youtube channel (8.9 million subscribers) after she left.

You have maybe seen some of her franken- videos where she mixes together things to created a new thing.

She stopped posting on youtube and social media a few months ago and fans were starting to worry

She now wrote a blog post to explain some things:

- she had huge problems keeping her producing schedule for her videos, she was always lagging behind and felt more and more defeated

- negative comments have been slowly chipping away at her confidence. people criticized her voice, her pronunciation, her pretentiousness, her relationship with her husband, her body, wondering if she was pregnant, her age...

- She and her husband live in LA for business reasons, but their families live on the east coast. during lockdown they realized how loney they are in LA and have decided to move east soon

- General quarantine blues

And I think right when quarantine began, there was an increased demand for digital content, and the fact that I wasn’t being productive or posting when people were asking for or wanting to watch videos made me feel even worse about myself, like my stumble couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

- her plans moving forward:

she worked out a different video producing schedule (uses one months to film videos for the next three months)

about the mean comments: she knows it's pointless to ask people to be nice, so she is deliberately stepping away from certain plattforms

her newest video:

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