Disney grapples with how to proceed on Black Panther without Chadwick Boseman

*On August 28, Kevin Feige received an urgent email regarding Chadwick, with no further information. By the time he read the message an hour late, the actor had already passed away.

*According to those close to him, until about a week before his death, Boseman was convinced he would be able to beat the cancer, and would be ready to film the sequel to Black Panther beginning in March. He also was set to begin work on a new film in September (don't know if they mean this September or next September.)

*Disney sources say right now the company's main focus is on grieving Boseman and paying tribute to him, and not on the sequel.

* Only a handful of non-family members knew that Boseman was sick, such as producing partner Logan Coles, longtime agent Michael Greene, trainer Addison Henderson and 42 director Brian Helgeland, although there were varying degrees of knowledge even within his inner circle. None of cast and crew of Black Panther were aware of his illness.

*A film finance attorney says it's possible a large film studio like Marvel would not take out cast insurance on their actors, as they can afford to absorb the cost of a production shut down, so it's possible nobody within Marvel knew at all. "Sometimes, the big studios will look to insure for a particular actor, but they usually have a particular reason for doing so. Otherwise, studios will just shoulder the risk [of sickness or death].”

*The sequel to Black Panther is still set for a 2022 release date, however film release pushbacks due to the pandemic may impact Marvel's releases into 2022, which may give Disney and Marvel more time to figure out a path forward.