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Selena Quintanilla Perez's Widower Hits Out at Her Family Once Again

Musician Chris Perez posted a rather bitter comment on Instagram last night with a photo of him and his late wife Selena, saying "I heard they were trying to make me nonexistent to Selena's legacy .....Go for it."

It turns out that the Selena museum has reopened in Texas...with all pictures of Chris allegedly removed (there's also been talk the family has removed from music streaming services Chris' collaborations with Selena). Fans commented on the post expressing their anger over the omission and how the family has treated him over the years. Fans have also been threatening to boycott the upcoming Netflix series about Selena.

He seems to be fed up with the mistreatment by the Quintanilla family, becoming more outspoken about their behavior. He said of her Walk of Fame ceremony in 2017: "I didn’t feel very welcome, and her family didn’t make it easy. I get the feeling that they were hoping by making it difficult for me that I wouldn’t show up and it would cast me in a bad light to her fans. The fans don’t understand all the hoops I had to jump through just to have a seat at that event. But I don’t want people talking about her family. I might feel a certain way about it, but what would Selena want? . . . I want to keep everything together for her."

Perez has an famously tense relationship with the Quintanilla family, and considering this and the previous fuckery, it looks like there's been no love lost there.

The Quintanilla family is dirty as hell.

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