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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Mid-Season Preview

*Last night was the mid-season finale of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff The Other Way, and the second half the season looks especially dramatic!

*The season will resume in October, and we can look forward to:

*Jenny & Sumit: The world's slowest moving love story involving a 60 year old and her 30 year old probably-not-yet-divorced fiance will continue to move at a glacier pace as they wait for his parents approval which will never come.

*Jihoon gets rid of his xenophobic mother in law, but still has to deal with his wife Devean so no improvement there. Also, Covid arrives.

*Kenny and the recently out Armando try to meet Armando's parents, but his dad isn't willing to meet his son's fiance. The pair also find their marriage plans might not be able to come to fruition as their request for a marriage license in Mexico is denied.

*Ariela loses her ability to threaten Biniyam with the phrase "I could go back home and have this baby" as doctors order her to have a C-section in Ethiopia immediately. Also, Biniyam's family wants her to know her baby is probably going to hell.

*Cheese Stick refuses to see the writing on the wall which is that Melyza is way past done with him.

*And finally, Brittany says Yazan is not the King of Jordan, but she's about to get him straight up murdered by his own family like he's the King of Westeros!

*90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns to TLC on Sunday, October 11th (so it must be taking the place of Happily Ever After once that ends.)


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