AT&T actress Milana Vayntrub begs for online sexual harassment to stop

Actresses Milana Vayntrub, also known as "Lily from AT&T" has been spokeperson for the company from 2013 to 2016 and again this year, and has appeared in 40 ads from the company.

Recently old photos of her showing her cleavage went viral on social media, prompting unwanted online sexual harassment.

In a live stream on Instagram last week, she begged everyone to stop the online harassment while on the verge of tears.

Maybe it just has to do with being a person on the Internet, or maybe it’s specific to being a woman on the Internet. But all of these comments … it hurts my feelings. Let me tell you, I am not consenting to any of this. I do not want any of this.

The photos that have come out of me that are super-cleavage-y are from a pool party I went to in college over a decade ago. So yeah, all of the ‘milkies,’ and all of these … I mean, reporting them all – honestly, it’s like there are so many more of them than I have time to report.

I’m hurting and it’s bringing up, like, a lot of feelings of sexual assault. I am just like, you know, walking my dog and getting messages from people who have distorted my pictures to get likes on their accounts.

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