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Mediocre "React" YouTuber Exposed for Allegedly being a Sexual Predator

If you're bored and feel like reading up on some middling youtuber drama, here's a nobody clown you can drag for being exposed as an alleged sexual predator.

This "Reactor" Youtuber, TheTrophyMuncher aka Joseph Harding, has gained a very young fanbase mainly made up of girls and women by reacting to a lot of popular TV shows. He gained a following through reacting to Anne with an E, every single version of SKAM, and Glee especially, and was allegedly popular in the "react" community on YouTube. Actors from the Druck SKAM version have supported this YouTuber in the past because of his Druck reaction videos as well, apparently.

He was recently exposed by his own fans for allegedly being a sexual predator, primarily with underage girls aged 15-16 who were fans of him and part of his discord. Here is a twitter thread of the DMs he sent to teenagers and young women, constantly harassing them for lewd pictures and being a creep:

[TW sexual misconduct with minors and general creepiness]

He has apparently made racist, homophobic, ableist, and transphobic comments and tweets and tried to post a public apology for only these tweets on his YouTube channel, but once his former fans and discord mods started commenting under it the screenshots of him being predatory and commenting that he was a "pedo", he deleted the post and only put his already-said apology on his Patreon under a paywall.

And for all the poor ONTDers out there (aka the majority of us), I just wanted to let you know he used to make about over $10,000 a month through his Patreon where he would just post reaction videos to tv shows. He dropped to about 700 Patrons when this came out about him, but he still makes over $7,000 a month currently because he does have defenders and fans crying about "cancel culture" and victim blaming the girls who came out about his predatory behavior towards them.

However, some people have come out against him in support of the girls.

Luise Emilie (from Druck) made this tweet regarding the situation:

Other "reactors" in the YouTube community have said they do not condone his actions or want to affiliate with him anymore:

He has dropped to about 74k subscribers on YouTube and he now has majority comments on his latest video talking about how he creeps on underage girls.

He had made himself out to be a "woke" white LGBT-ally in public and tricked his fans into thinking he was curating an accepting space through reacting to many LGBT/teen drama shows, while being a bigot in his discord and a predator in private. Some other "reactors" that had contact with him have said he would talk about trying to get nudes from his fans (who are, again, mainly teenage girls!), as recent as this month. This man is in his mid to late twenties and was at least 23 when he first started DMing 15 year old fans. Yuck.

His former fans are now trying to defund him by getting him off Patreon by reporting him and with a petition, stating: "Joe has used the f slur, r slur and n slur in the past. He said the F slur in 2017, while he was reacting to LGBT shows. Instead of apologizing he is deleting tweets and keeping his patreons in the dark. He only acknowledged it on discord after we all called him out hardcore, and tried giving a half assed disingenuous “apology” where he didn’t even adress what people were most upset about. This is disingenuous and unfair to the people who pay him for content. They deserve to know. He then proceeded to let a bunch of racists attack the people that had been supporting him for a very long time, and even put minors at risk by not banning the creeps who were openly making them feel uncomfortable or preyed upon."

No other apology or comment has been made. He's probably currently crying because he was dentrimental to his own career a la Justin Bieber.

TL;DR: he nasty inside and out.

ONTD, what are some actual good YouTube creators/channels you watch right now that manage to NOT say slurs or creep on underage girls and women in general?

Are you also questioning your career choices right now if you don't make $10k a month when you potentially could for just watching TV shows on camera with very, very minimal analysis?

Sources (sorry mods, hope this is better!): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, people on a YT discord talking about it and linking everything
Tags: internet celebrities, men are weak, nobody, sexual misconduct, web series / youtube, who asked for this
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