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Queen of Diamonds

The ATP splinters after Djokovic heads the formation of a Player's Association

While Novak, Vasek and Isner (vocal opponents of the last ATP President who ousted him for the new one) have quit the ATP player council (where Djokovic was president) to do so, other members of the council (including Federer and Nadal) have spoken out in favour of the ATP, claiming there are too many questions around the new association.

Some in the tennis world have pointed out the timing coinciding with Osaka's strike and the ATP/WTA striking tennis for a day suggests that the ATP players willing to join the association were upset with the decision to pause play at Osaka's stand. Murray's commentary and the lack of women involved seems to also hint at the reasoning.

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tbh I don't think a union is a bad idea, but the time/optics/players associated with this make me question what the actual reasoning is

ETA: Djokovic confirms this isn't a 'union' so I don't really know what the plan is.

He has also said he doesn't consider this a 'union'.

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