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ONTD Original: 10 songs you haven't thought about since your late 2000s indie hipster dance phase

It's 2009 and you've just bought an American Apparel deep V-neck because they're all the rage. Hopefully you have enough money left to go to Coachella! I hear Jared Leto and his crew will be there.

1. Deceptacon - Le Tigre
Futuring Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, do you know the band produced the song "Peaches" on Christina Aguilera's Bionic album?

2. DVNO - Justice
This OP still listens to their Crosses album. One song fades into the next, so you never know where you're at unless you check. So good!

3. Tristan - Patrick Wolf
Patrick Wolf did some modelling for Mario Testino in 2007 along with a band called The Paddingtons. Nepotism models who???

4. Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip
Hot Chip is still making music, but this song is perfect for a night out at Bungalow 8. Maybe the Olsen twins or the Cobrasnake will be there?

5. Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
I was going to include the music video, but then I saw that the song was used in an Intel Core 2 Duo commercial, so here you go. ONTD, what are your computer-buying standards these days?

6. Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above - CSS
As every music blog would have told you, CSS stands for Cansei de Ser Sexy.

7. Pass This On - The Knife
Still a banger. This song and 'Heartbeats' were on a lot of music blogs' year-end lists.

8. Far From Home - Tiga
No, not Tyga. This Canadian won a Juno in 2007 for his album Sexor! And this song was used in a cellphone commercial.

9. Wait and See - Diamond Rings
If this video's screenshot doesn't scream late 2000s, well I don't know. This OP can't confirm if this Canadian band filmed their dance sequence in front of some Toronto houses, but if they did, which it looks like, just know that those houses would sell for over $1 million on today's real estate market.

10. 1,000 Cigarettes - MSTRKRFT
Another Canadian band! I had no clue. What list is complete without a band who chooses to drop the vowels from their name?? In true "ONTD doesn't read" fashion, I've thought this song was called 10,000 Cigarettes for the past decade. Oops.

BONUS: The Girls - Calvin Harris
Do you know that before Calvin Harris became that tall blond EDM dude who's music is everywhere, and before he was with Taylor Swift, he actually sang his own songs and was only known in indie circles? He claims he gets "all the girls" in this song, but the dancers in the video are predominantly white. Quel surprise.

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Tags: 2000s, calvin harris, canadian celebrities, list, music / musician, nostalgia, ontd original
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