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20th Century Fox Apparently Wanted to Reshoot the Entirety of THE NEW MUTANTS

Barring the complete annihilation of human society / the simultanious combustion of every theater in the world, THE NEW MUTANTS will finally be released, after 3 years, tomorrow, August 28th.

But if Fox had had their original way, it wouldn't be the cut we see today. In a very "How very F4ntastic of you" move, 20th Century Fox was so against the original cut, they wanted to throw it out and reshoot the entire thing. Lee and Boone’s initial 2015 screenplay drafts failed to deliver the kind of vividly drawn teen drama the filmmaker had pitched to the studio.

(Did Boone pitch the whitewashing of the cast back then too? Also very F4ntastic)

Arguably, wanting to reshoot the entire film is worse than just reshooting 50% of it and editing it extremely poorly. And just like that ill-fated Fox Fantastic Four film, The New Mutants was also not screed for critics in a safe enviroment.

So far, so good, The New Mutants releases in what few US theaters are still open, tomorrow.


Tags: disney, flop, marvel, x-men
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