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Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem have a discussion

- Meghan and Gloria have a conversation for MAKERS which is a media brand that promotes women empowerment.
- Gloria tells Meghan she's glad she's back in the US which Meghan responds with, "Me too, for so many reasons."
- Meghan and Gloria discuss biracial representation, voter supression, the women's right to vote and feminism.
- Meghan has recently read Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble, which everyone should read.
- Gloria says "if you don't vote, you don't exist."
- Overall, great discussion until Meghan said Prince Harry is a beautiful example of a male feminist and he apparently made sure Gloria knew immediately that he was a feminist.

- Gloria gave Meghan a bracelet that has the motto 'linked and not ranked' in reference to the circular idea of consensus, circles of consensus going up rather than hierarchy.
- Meghan is being criticized because she still uses the Duchess of Sussex, a title that a US citizen can't hold thank u 1776 but because of her marriage to Harry, who is the Duke of Sussex, she can technically use the Duchess title.
- Meghan using her title has been hot topic recently, angering the usual [suspect] Bette taking out the trash , claiming Meghan is using the title politically by informing people to vote.

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Tags: interview, politics, royalty / royal family
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