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Reactions (and an update) to Messi announcing he wants to leave Barcelona FC

Follow up to this post

Lionel Messi told Barcelona's board that he wants to leave the club, that caused a huge uproar by fans and non fans, Messi trended world wide on twitter with the No 1 spot for several hours, with almost 2m of tweets talking about the shocking news, here are some reactions from people to this news:

Different football clubs want Messi for their teams:

Even non football teams (like Chicago Bulls) want Messi:

Some fans just want to see them together:

But on the negative side, most of Barcelona fans can't believe this is happening and are asking for the resignation of the current president of the club Josep María Bartomeu:

Real Madrid fans on the other hand are very happy with Bartomeu:

Update to the news:

Catalunya radio says that Bartomeu and Messi are going to talk this afternoon so they can settle the matter without going to court, according to sources Bartomeu isn't going to resign.

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This is (mostly) a joke post, but i want to ask, which team do you believe Messi is going to?
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