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Inside the Jerry Falwell Jr. Sex Scandal That You've Been Hearing About

falwell ontd.jpeg

You have probably vaguely heard about the sex scandal involving Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of notoriously bigoted and extreme pastor Jerry Falwell.

Well, you need to dive into it even more, because it be cray.

  • Jerry Falwell Jr. is an evangelical extremist who is the president of Liberty University. Or... was.

  • On Monday, a guy named Giancarlo Granda came forward alleging that he had a three-way affair with Falwell Jr. and Becki Falwell, his wife. When Granda was 20 and working as a pool boy in Miami, Fallwell Jr. approached him to have sex with his wife while Fallwell Jr. watched. This affair lasted from 2012-2018.

  • The Fallwells went into business with Granda on several ventures. They now claim that he tried/is trying to extort them.

  • Eventually, the relationship soured and Granda threatened to go public.

  • Granda told his story to Reuters, but, hours before the story broke, Jerry released his own statement.

  • He is trying to throw Becki under the bus, claiming that “Becki had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person, something in which I was not involved.”

  • Just a few days before this, Jerry posted an Instagram picture that showed him with his pants unzipped and his arms around a scantily dressed young woman who is not his wife. Jerry claims that this was just a joke.


  • He resigned from Liberty University, then withdrew his resignation. UPDATE: He has resigned.

  • Allegedly, Donald Trump was going to have the information about Fallwell's affair published if Falwell did not endorse him. So, Falwell endorsed Trump, though he reportedly did not want to.

Would u watch your significant other bang a pool boy?

I would be the one banging the pool boy

Mods, this counts as entertainment news plus we have had posts about Jerry Falwell/Jerry Falwell Jr. on ONTD before!

Conservatives, being hypocrites? I'm shocked.

Tags: celebrity children / siblings, nepotism, politics, religion, scandal, sexual misconduct
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