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ontd original: Media with my Faves That I Haven't Seen

Because sometimes...we have to draw a line. Odd thing is, 80% of this post involves movies or shows that are actually highly rated. Spoiler alert: I was going to include Lupita but all of her movies (besides Rise of Skywalker) are highly rated so whoo we stan good decision making 🎉

Despite seeming extremely relateable  ("I'm so fucking tired", "Where's his balls, Llewyn!"), and featuring 🤩Oscar singing🤩, Inside Llewyn Davis seems super depressing to me.
Also...I mean look who else he is sharing this scene with. Not enticing. Come to think of it, why are there so many Star Wars actors in here. Neat. I'm sure it's good, I'm sure it's fine, but it might just not be for me.

Also x2, It took me years to figure out how to prounounce "Llewyn".

So when I worked retail, I was placed right by the giant television displays. They'd play 3 movies:

  • The Incredibles (Great)

  • Cars (Eh, I grew to like it)

  • Gnomeo And Juliet

And TIL that Emily Blunt was also in that movie as the female lead. I don' t know who I thought it was, but I didn't know it was her. I thought she was just in the sequel. Ok, I'm still not watching "Sherlock Gnomes" because the first movie is permanently sealed into my brain...I have had enough. I was not paid enough to listen to it 4 times a day. But I do like the rendition of "Crocodile Rock" at the end. Also, ew, D*pp. I'm only watching Quiet Place II bc ha husband died 🙌🏾

It actually took me a few minutes to recall what this was. I was going "The House, The Help, The Thing....oh, "The Circle!""
What is the movie about? "Oh no, tech cult of personality akin to Apple but it's not Apple?" I think...look, I'm here in tech & I don't like giant tech companies and wish they were broken up, but this probably offered nothing new to talk about. Honestly, if someone made a film akin to "Don't suck Tesla's dick!", I'd give it a watch. Let it star John again, I'm sure he'd make it better.

I'm not here for Emma and I'm not here for Tom. Apparently John's involvement is minimal anyway. I'm like 90% sure he dies? I know better than to waste my time tbh! I'm probably not going to watch Detroit either, because...yeah. I'm black, I'm in America, I can watch the news for free.

Weird thing is, I have seen episodes of Black Mirror! I've seen Black Museum and USS Callister! But I have not seen The Entire History of You, despite starring The Only White British Man I LoveⓇ

From what little I know about it, there's infedelity, Britishness, and worst of all - WAY too much sticking shit in your eyes. I do NOT fuck with that. I wanted contacts as a child and realized that would be a lost dream as I can't even stand sticking in eyedrops.

Any kind of eye scream horror I'm leaving:

Pictured: When the fear overcomes your pussy and you just have to bounce.
And I saw Dead Man's Shoes, folks. But this is too much.

If those film rights ever get made and Toby is still starring in it, I'll stomach through it. For now, I pretend I do not see it.gif

The fact that there's a British show that has 5 whole seasons (AKA, what, 15 episodes?) astounds me. Good for Idris but I don't really enjoy police/detective proceedurals. I hope whoever saw this enjoyed it - Or, are you still waiting for Season 5 to actually air?

Also probably never watching "The Mountain Between Us" or "The Dark Tower". Pity, bc the last one looked okay in its promotional styling.


I don't like skeeveball romance, and That Awkward Moment looks right up that genre. Sorry, MBJ. Watch Fruitvale Station or Chronicle instead.

Black Adam because, well, let's be real, Black Adam ain't comin' out. Yes, I still have a bit of lingering fondness for The Rock. Will we ever see Jungle Cruise?

src: linked in post.

What movies with your faves do you just not want to see?
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