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Disney not screening New Mutants for the press

Welcome to "Disney has No Faith in the Success of New Mutants Part 3432323432."

If you were hoping for critic reviews before New Mutants drops in 48 hours, well you're out of luck. Disney has informed US critics that they will not be providing them socially-distant press screenings or streaming options before the film is released to the public.

As a result, sites like IndieWire, The AV Club, RogerEbert.com, and The Boston Globe are refusing to review the film until it is safe to do so, even if that means waiting months until a VOD release. And with many critics living in and around NYC and LA, it's likely publications will turn to their international critics for their official pieces (those that have them at least).

Not having press screenings before a film's opening has always been seen as a bad sign in regards to a film's quality. But that Disney won't even bother with the other options available to them in this pandemic.... NM I wish you an ounce of luck.

Tags: disney, film, marvel, review, x-men

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