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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.4 "Someone, Please Take Gizelle to Pier 1 Before They Close Forever"

- Blu Cantrell 1 is doing a dance class with her daughter Grace to spend more quality time with her. Blu cannot dance, OP cannot so I ain't even bout to joke
- Assistant to the Regional Manager Matt makes his return. He was present at the iconic press conference where the cast couldn't ask Karen (hosting the press conference) questions. Please rewatch that scene because it still brings tears to OP's eyes. Buy LaDame! We ar shooting a commercial to announce Kurn's Majestic return to Potomac. Thhhheeeeee Grahhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnde Daaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmee has touched back down.
- Dr. Wendy, Her Brokeness and their children have a little game of touch football and ice cream. They recap the Sip n See which Mini Dorothy and her triangular napkin left early
- The Nosy Sugar Baby and her fabulous bazungas meet Dorothy, Jr for lunch and they hash out her old horrendous tweets and what happened to catapult the breakdown of her friendship with MLMonique. Baby Dean was NOT here for Country Club Candiance's bullshit.

- we see a family scene with MLMonique, but she feels like Big Boy needs to put forth a bit more effort to be a better husband. So is he expecting sex because he bought his wife some waffles? Men fucking suck.
- Country Club Candiance and her Tinted Dick Husband have a picnic
- Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiile these fucking wigs! Kal her hairdresser always making ha cry, but he's miracle worker on par with Anne Bancroft because that Wish Wash Cycle wig was LAID
- Kurn finally got her pizza
- Keyoncé prays she catches you whispering
- K=Karen

Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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