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Kevin Bacon whispers and shows us how he prepares his mango on TikTok with chili powder

Kevin Bacon broke down his “morning mango routine” with a step-by-step tutorial video on his favorite way to prepare and eat his fruit. The Tremors star, 62, posted the video on TikTok on Saturday, August 22, and noted that he had to speak in a hushed tone because his wife, Kyra, was still asleep. Shhh.

“Good morning, I have to keep my voice down because you know who is still asleep,” he said. “I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine. I’m sorry if you already know this trick.” (Well, yes).

Bacon began by slicing the fruit into squared up pieces — a method that he said is his “favorite” because it leaves “no stringy parts in your teeth.” Then, the actor squeezed a lime over the mango and called it “refreshing.” Next, Bacon added chili powder acknowledging that he might have been a little heavy-handed with the spice.

“That was a bit too much,” he said before moving on to add a sprinkle of sea salt. Bacon finishes the clip by taking a bite, which he approves of despite the extra chili powder. “That’s pretty good,” he says.


Which fruits do you prepare and add spices, salt, etc to?

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