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Like an unmade bed.

NHL commentator Mike Milbury is trash; we already knew that; now the NHL is concerned

NBC Sports is having a dumpster fire of a season. First Jeremy Roenick and now this.

While providing commentary on Thursday's Islanders/Capitals game, he was discussing life in the NHL bubble (all Eastern teams are staying in Toronto), and said it's great place for the hockey players because there are "Not even any women here to disrupt concentration."

Just days before, he had trashed Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask for leaving the bubble to head home for family matters pertaining to his pregnant wife and 2 young kids.

The NHL released a statement saying they condemned his insensitive and insulting comments, and have communicated these feelings to NBC (his employer) as well.

Kicking off his weeks of mayhem and insult, he posted a photo of Toronto's CN Tower and called it the Space Needle (yes, as in the one located in Seattle).


In the words of Toronto Raptors commentator Jack Armstrong.... Get that garbage outta here!
Tags: fail, flop, men are weak, sexism, sports / athletes - hockey, television - nbc, you in danger
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