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Love After Lockup 3.6 "Your Girlfriend Needs to Get to the Halfway House, it's Not Date Night Time"

- Destinie and Stringalong Shawn are moving to Las Vegas, it’s her first time on a plane and she’s a bit nervous. He bought a nice house and she’s excited, but she is young, and she would like to go out and party in Las Vegas. The old man is telling her to lay low. They later meet Shawn’s friends and they are hitting the strip. She says to his friends that she’s never had girlfriends in jail, but if they peep them tattoos
- Penitentiary Sugar Daddy II Electric Boogaloo is in his blue zoot suit waiting for his new love to skoot skoot. But they took her to the bus station, so he peels out of the prison driveway to the Greyhound. She has to report to the halfway house, so they’re on very limited time. They meet and she changes into the wholesale Fashion Nova he bought her. They are pressed for time and he decides to grab a dine in meal with her. Chanda reveals in her talking head that she was talking to 8 other guys to get some money and still talking to some of them. She’s just lining up her options.
- Big Lots Bob Odenkirk is still in his titty tassel shirt grabs some breakfast with Kristianna’s mother. Kristianna wanted to see her mother and probably could have IF JOHN HADN’T FUCKED HER OVER WITH THAT MANIPULATIVE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. Snapple Fact: HE RAN OFF WITH HIS FIRST WIFE’S COUSIN WHILE STILL MARRIED TO WIFE NUMBER ONE. He then tells his mother in law of twenty minutes his lengthy prison past and of course she wants someone who is more straight-laced for her daughter.
- Suburbanite and Babyface are in an Off-White Chili’s and she is itching to get out of Bebe’s Kids and ‘em house. Later they bout to pull some Bonnie and Clyde shit and they make a drive to Las Vegas where he shouldn’t be.
- The Lost Migo and Shavel subtly tell us viewers that they engaged in sexual intercourse. They later meet Shavel’s mother and daughter and Momma Migo in Law (well maybe if they get married) who has lots of questions.

Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, legal / lawsuit, reality show, side eyeing you
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