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Ron Meyer&Charlotte Kirk Scandal Round-Up Post:

'Meyer was the second mogul embroiled in a sex scandal with Kirk to be toppled in less than two years.
Last year, former Warner Bros. studio head Kevin Tsujihara resigned after text messages suggesting he would find film roles for Kirk, with whom he had a sexual relationship, became public. Tsujihara denied having a direct role in securing her roles.
The end began nine years ago in 2011 when Meyer, then 66, attended a film premiere in London hosted by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., where he was introduced to Kirk, an aspiring actress. She was 19 at the time.
Upon their meeting, Kirk told Meyer that she was going to be in Los Angeles. He responded that she should give him a call when she was in town. The pair began talking. A year after they first met, they became sexually involved.'

Last year, Meyer agreed to pay Kirk $2 million in four installments and, in exchange, she signed a nondisclosure agreement, according to three sources familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment. At least one payment in the amount of $500,000 was made, the three sources said.'

Past ONTD posts on the topic:

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  4. Directors Neil Marshall and Joshua Newton have been accused of trying to extort ousted Ron Meyer

Source 1 - Source 2 - Source 3 - Source 4 - Source 5
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