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ONTD Original: Celebs Before and After Veneers

The good, the bad and the ugly! (not an exhaustive list, if OP gets bored enough they will do more)

Jordyn Woods
Google tells me this is a 22 year old 'music video vixen.' OP only knows of her from the Kardashian stuff.

OP Opinion: 3-teeth - they're obviously fake but they look like the fake teeth mould at the dentist's office and fit her mouth appropriately...but why? They looked fine before?

Kylie Jenner
OP Opinion: 3-teeth - I can't find a picture of her new teeth and gums, so I'm not sure how well they fit her mouth! Like most veneers they don't look natural...but they aren't bad. (op won't comment that her new lips hide her gums and makes op hyperaware of their overly gummy smile)

Hilary Duff
You'd show up to the opening of an envelope
OP Opinion: 2-teeth - I know she fixed them after this...but these were UNFORGETTABLE. She got an extra point for their notoriety.

Tom Cruise
OP Opinion: 5-teeth - The improvement is undeniable, automatic high score! I can't imagine Top Gun Tom Cruise rocking the snaggletooth! OP thinks TomXenu deserves top score because they aren't creepily white and thick

Zac Efron
Zac efron
OP Opinion: 4-teeth - they almost got an extra point up to 5 because OP saw a close up with gum imperfections....but no one gets anything for free! Don't know if they were accidental or intentional but they make it look like fake? But OP has a tooth gap and is offended when people close it...because OP lost their retainer at 20 and their tooth gap came back. oops. don't tell my mum.

Swolefleck fka Sadfleck
The man who inspired the post! OP used to have such a crunch on him and definitely didn't see Armageddon and Forces of Nature repeatedly in the cinema.
OP Opinion: 4-teeth - Looking more natural and yellow in a good way, are they a tiny bit crooked? Maybe? Not in a weird half circle? WHO KNOWS.

Mike Tyson
OP Opinion: 5-teeth - Ignoring any person opinion of the's a huge improvement

Niall Horan
OP thinks they spelled his surname wrong but does not caaarrree. Although COYBIG!
OP Opinion: 4-teeth - Looking pretty natural and an improvement

Chrissy Teigan
OP Opinion: 2-teeth - Scored 2 because OP can't figure out what was wrong with her original teeth...and these new ones look connected in an unnatural way? There is no space at all between any teeth????

Anyway. There are too many to list and OP wants to go play The Sims.

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