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Jake Gyllenhaal Starring In A Suspense Novelist's Trail Of Deceptions

Jake Gyllenhaal will star in ‘A SUSPENSE NOVELISTS TRAIL OF DECEPTIONS’ with Janicza Bravo set to write & direct

It's a series adaptation of Ian Parker’s New Yorker article A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions.

Published in February 2019, Parker’s story explores the complex life of former book editor Dan Mallory, whose debut psychological thriller, The Woman in the Window, written under the pseudonym A.J. Finn, was number one on the New York Times Bestseller list, the first debut novel to do so in twelve years.

Despite a seemingly successful career, he spun a web of lies about brain tumors he does not have and mourns family members who are not dead while preying on people’s sympathy to get away with almost anything.

Tags: black celebrities, jake gyllenhaal

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