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Warner Bros makes some wild demands with Tenet

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow for Tenet, for three days of preview screenings starting Monday August 31. Regular engagement tickets go on sale next week for showings starting September 3.

Warner Bros has also thrown some wild demands at movie theaters looking to play the film:

-- Previews can only happen once per night, per screen, and no earlier than 5PM.
-- The theater must follow local safety laws and theater safety protocols at all times in order to show the film. Safety information must be available on-demand for any customer. There was no mention of what would happen if a theater is found to not be following protocols.
-- An unheard of 63% of the gross per week for the film's entire engagement.
-- The film must play on the largest non-IMAX screen a theater has for its entire run.
-- Single-screen movie theaters must play the film for 4 weeks, 2-screens for 5 weeks, 3-8 screens for 8 weeks, and 9+ screens for 12 weeks.
-- Three trailers for upcoming Warner Bros films are required to play before the film starts.
-- Gross collection will occur earlier than usual, as Warners doesn't want theaters using Tenet money to pay off other bills.

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