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New Mutants director: Movie Theaters are safer than airplanes

New Mutants director Josh Boone decided he wanted to pull some clownery in regards to going to see his new soon-to-be-a-flop film.

Heroic Hollywood talked with the director about whether the movie would have ever gone straight to Disney+. He says no, specifically mentioning that the end of the film was designed to be seen on a big screen. He then says that if people (clowns) can go to house parties they can put a mask on and see a movie, mentioning its safer than being on an airplane or restaurant.

Airlines require masks and have remove and outright banned people from flying for not following the policy. Restaurants can't do indoor dining because it helped cause massive outbreaks. Meanwhile movie theaters are letting customers take their masks off for eating and drinking purposes and have not stated how forceful they will be to make sure people keep their masks on while watching a film.

After being closed since mid-March, major theater chains are opening back up this weekend. AMC opened 100 of its locations today. Regal and Cinemark open tomorrow, but have not given exact numbers. Indoor theaters in states like New York, California, and New Jersey will continue to remain closed.

Unless Disney pulls the plug at the last possible minute, New Mutants finally comes out next week.

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