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Indya Moore is dating an (alleged) serial rapist and accused of cyber-stalking his victims

Pose actress, Indya Moore, was revealed to be dating musician, Malcolm London, a man with allegations of sexual assault stretching as far back as 2015.

If you visit his Twitter profile, you will find the current pinned tweet is him basically admitting to the allegation(s), and that there are others where he clearly acknowledges the allegations as valid and truthful.

[more tweets of him trying make excuses for himself]

Twitter user @BlkAssFeminist, a victim of Malcolm London, came forward and revealed that the couple have also been spying on her as well as other victims.

Another victim, @itsjujubae, also came forward with her story of assault at the hands of Malcolm London

[Jujus long tweet thread]

Whilst looking into tweets and trying to find out more about him, it seems as though London is also closely associated with Chicago rappers Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper, and in June of this year, both called for his release after he was arrested in June for protesting. Chance also appeared in London's documentary in 2018, and Vic has collaborated with him on songs (post-2015 allegations).

[proof of support/long-standing friendship]

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Tags: actor / actress, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), sexual misconduct

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