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ONTD Original: Your Gay Awakening (30 y.o. Woman's Edition)

If you're a 30 year old lady who now identifies as being attracted to other ladies, these women might have played a part in your Gay Awakening.

We'll be doing this in order from most to least recent. First up is where the delicious GIF before the cut originates from.

1. Ciara // Ride (Official Video)

Released on April 23, 2010 this video currently has almost 194 million views. I believe only a third of them to be mine. Though the GIF from the video, above, is my most WAP-indusing moment..there are many more to be had in the 4 minute and 38 second long video Ciara gifted us women-loving-women with.

2.  Beyoncé as Foxxy Cleopatra // Austin Powers in Goldmember

Released on July 26th, 2002, how could any of us forget even after 18 years how Beyoncé's stomach looked throughout this movie? I'm not sure I could describe to you the plot of the film but I certainly can describe to you the things I felt toward Beyoncé from this day on.

3. Britney Spears // VMA 2000 Performance

Aired on September 7th, 2000, this VMA performance was first of all - iconic. Second of all, a gay awakening for gay women and in a differnet men as well. A performance to be enjoyed by all gays, forever.

4. Jennifer Lopez // Waiting for Tonight (Official Video)

Released on August 23, 1999, Jennifer Lopez showed us how much we wanted to dance with her before Y2K (clock in at 1:46) and swim in a waterfall with her (clock in at 3:53) in the most gay way possible.

5. Nicole Kidman as Gillian Owens // Practical Magic

Released October 16, 1998, this movie has everything your modern day saphic could ask for. Cats? Check. Witches? Check. Cottagecore? Check. Nicole Kidman with the most beautiful hair on Earth? ChECK!

6. Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle // The Mask

Released July 29th, 1994 this movie was definitely...a movie..about...something. Again, I don't remember. But Cameron Diaz in red is unforgettable. Perhaps interesting, this was Cameron Diaz's first acting role, and now she's retired. My attraction to her in this movie has not.

7. Tia Carrere as Cassandra Wong // Wayne's World

Released February 14th, 1992, this film is maybe where my affinity for women in red dresses began. Or women who play instruments. Or women who sing (Tia sang all her own vocals!) Or maybe just my affinity for women. Either way - Wayne, Garth and I can all agree when it comes to Tia Carrere: WE'RE NOT WORTHY!

Who played a part in your Gay Awakening, ONTD?

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