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Billboard's Highest Paid Musical Acts of 2019

*Don't know why Billboard is putting out a list now of the biggest moneymakers in music for 2019, but here we are. I guess it's out now because it's the end of the concert season, IDK.

*The figures are based on 2019 US concert grosses and recording royalties earned in 2019. Overall figures are down anywhere from 5%-10%, but the top artists are still making money hand over fist.

The top five are...

1. The Rolling Stones: $65 million

The Rolling Stones moved up to the top of the list (after being ranked 25th last year) based on being the top live act of the year with $60.5 million of concert ticket grosses. In addition, since they own their own masters, they were seventh on the royalties list, getting to keep 74% of the money earned on their songs recorded from 1970 onward.

2. Ariana Grande: $44.3 million

Ariana Grande debuts on the list in the second slot, ranking 4th on the live acts list with 2019 tour grosses of $33 million from her Sweetener tour. She was also number 4 on the list of overall streams, which helped add to her over $10 million in royalty grosses, becoming one of six artists to earn more than $10 million in royalties in 2019.

3.Elton John: $43.3 million

Thanks to the strength of his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour, John moved up five spots to number three on the list, with $39.5 million in tour grosses. His royalties were bolstered by the release of the film Rocketman, which increased royalty revenue from sales and streaming of his back catalog.

4. The Jonas Brothers:$40.9 million

The Jonas Brothers have always been a fairly reliable money maker on the road, and their 2019 comeback tour in support of their album Chasing Happiness was no exception as the band re-enters the Moneymakers list at number four after a six year hiatus. The band pulled in $33.7 million on the road, and were the seventh most played artist on the radio, which put them in the top ten list of royalty earnings for 2019.

5. Queen: $35.2 million

Queen's 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody continued to fuel renewed interested in their music as 60% of their earnings came from royalties on their back catalog, making the band the year's top seller of physical albums. In addition to the over $20 million from royalties, the band touring with Adam Lambert as front-man pulled in another $14 million touring.

Artists 6-40 can be viewed at the source.

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