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AMC Theaters will block off every other seat after all

*AMC Theaters is attempting to re-open this week, and while the theater chain said it would be implementing a reduced 30% capacity in theaters and social distancing between patrons, early ticket buyers noticed it didn't appear the chain was putting those ideas into action.

*While theater capacities were reduced with every other row being blocked off in standard theaters (the premium recliner seat theaters already apparently provide adequate distance between rows. I don't know if these seats are subject to the blocking on each side), the ticketing system was just politely asking people to space out further and not book tickets next to occupied seats, even though the system would allow you to book and reserve a seat right next to an already occupied seat.

*AMC has since announced that beginning Monday August 17th, the ticketing system will automatically block out seats on either side of an occupied seat once a ticket purchase has been completed. The theater chain further explained that the blocking system was not available initially as a live ticket purchasing environment was required to test the system. Once tickets for opening day's $.15 per seat tickets and the regular weekend sales were opened, tests of the system performed as planned, and the two week testing plan was discarded in favor of a wide rollout of the blocking system beginning Monday.


Are you mad you now won't get to hear a strangers loud cell phone conversation in your ear while trying to watch a movie, ONTD?
Tags: covid-19, film
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