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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.3 "Mr. Chocolate, Shouldn't You Be in Atlanta?" Recap

- sorry about missing last week's post y'all and I missed all the IG drama
- we continue with the Butterknife Brunch with Dorothy, Jr. Yeah, she's being forced to apologize Dr. Wendy because she should apologize.
- Whatever your thoughts about the Nosy Sugar Baby, referring to her as a "bed wench", her husband as an overseer and roach as she gave birth is absolutely despicable
- Everyone has their issues with Mini Dorothy and her Skippy peanut butter foundation
- we get some "hidden audio"
- SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse decided to swing in on a chandelier and ruin my day by appearing on my screen. Surprise, surprise, he's also a shit partner to his wife experiencing discomfort post-pregnancy
- Blu Cantell 1 meets with Blu Cantrell 2 to reminisce about their crappy ex-husbands
- We meet Dr. Wendy's nuclear family while her sons are learning Igbo
- Kween Kurn's archenemesis is Monique's potty trained trained parrot
- Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant lifted up his head from being buried in Pick Me Church Pussy to spend time with his girlfriend ex-spouse and daughters. The kids are NOT feeling this dinner. He bought them (i don't know how Greenleaf money works) partnerships in a restaurant. Yes establish that intergenerational black ownership
- MLMonique at Baby Dean's Sip n See looks like the most beautiful highlighter
- Kween Kurn and her crimped hair did a *Ross voice: PIVOT!!!! around Dr. Wendy
- Charisse returns from her busy day of doing nothing to witness drama and maybe to use YellowLightGreenLight to be the new T'Challa about MLMonique's infidelity rumors


Ashley's bazungas are looking fabulous this season.
Tags: reality show - bravo, side eyeing you, the real housewives (bravo)

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