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ONTD Original-My ANTM All Star Re-Cast

In 2011 The CW aired Cycle 17 of America's Next Top Model, All Stars edition.

Though a few actual all stars were on the show, there were far too many "her?"s on the show, most likely because most of the actual all stars from the show either went on to have decent careers and no longer needed the show, or had retired from modeling. In this post I will go through each cycle eligible for all stars (cycles 1-16) and go over who was on the actual show from that cycle and who I think SHOULD have been on the show for that cycle. This is assuming a universe were every girl would actually want to be on the show, shhh just go with it. My version of the show also "airs" in 2011. My only criteria is I have to think they are a good choice for the all star cycle and they also have to be at least somewhat believable as an all star, I won't pick a random fave who was in just one episode or anything like that.

Cycle 1
Actual Contestant on All Stars- Shannon - Shannon was a good choice for the show imo! She was the only one from the orginal cycle and I'm just glad they got someone from cycle 1 to be on the show. She took some good pictures and brought some of her trademark tears to the show. I actually thought Mr. Jay was an asshole to her over her refusing to wear underwear for photo shoots. Even though she was a decent choice, she would not be cast on my show.

My pick(s) from cycle 1-
Elyse- She was an iconic contestant. One of the few girls that the judges clearly thought actually had modeling potential. She went on to have a booked and busy career in modeling, mostly working in Asia based off of the entries in her livejournal.

Robyn-Hear me out.... Robyn is one of the most hated contestants in the shows history. Tyra clearly picked a few girls not because they were fan favorites, but because they were remembered for being disliked. Robyn would be a good choice for the villain that is eliminated in the first episode.


Cycle 2

Actual Contestant on All Stars- Camille - In theory she was a decent pick. But she was quite boring on all stars and a casual transphobic comment from her really turned me off.

My pick(s) from Cycle 2-Honestly nobody. One of my least favorite cycles.
Cycle 3

Actual Contestant on All Stars-Nobody! Big mistake imo.
My pick(s) from Cycle 3-Cycle 3 was top model at it's best and had multiple good choices!
Toccara - A true all star, she shot for Vogue Italia, and it wasn't part of a tacky prize from top model, but she got it on her own. Which is difficult to get, not everybody has that.
Honorable Mentions-Yaya, Ann (remembered for getting so far on so little)

Cycle 4
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Brittany. Brittany would have been one of my choices! She was stunning and really did look like a young Janice Dickinson in some shots. It's a shame she was the first eliminated from all stars.

My pick(s) from Cycle 4-
Brittany, as stated above.
Keenya- She is a personal fave of mine, there was something about her that I found very compelling. She was stunning.

Cycle 5

Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars- Lisa and Bre. I actually thought these were both great choices! I like Bre more but I do think Lisa was a better contestant for the all star cycle. With all stars they really wanted a well rounded winner, and Lisa excelled in interviews, photo shoots, challenges, singing, etc. And I say that not even liking her very much.

My picks-


Cycle Six-

Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Nobody!

My pick-I mean...it's obvious...the one and only, Jade.
I remember a lot of people being confused why she wasn't on the all star cycle.

Cycle Seven-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Nobody!

My pick-I mean, I don't really care about her but I feel like Melrose was a big fan favorite? I still see people talking about her. I think she would be a better actress than model, which fits in with the All Star cycle anyway.


Cycle Eight-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Nobody! I thought having nobody from cycles 6-8 was kind of odd.

My pick-
Natasha-People loved Natasha, and she is the origin of a famous gif.


Cycle Nine-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Bianca. Correct choice.

My pick-Bianca.

Cycle Ten-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Dominique. Were they desperate? One of the worst choices for all stars.

My pick-
Fatima-Fatima also had a booked and busy career for several years. I feel like I don't see her around as much today but for a while I saw her in magazines all the time. She's another one of the few girls from the show who actually looked like a working model.
Honorable mentions-Anya, people loved Anya. Katryzana.


Cycle 11-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Sheena and Isis. Both decent choices but both were boring on the actual show...Isis was also an odd choice since she came in 10th place on her cycle. The majority of the contestants on all stars placed from 2-4 on their cycle, with two coming in sixth place. But 10th place?? Hardly an all star.

My pick-I thought about Annaleigh...but nah. Cycle 11 was not my fave.

Cycle 12-
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Allison!!! I can't even be mad at the casting for all stars because at least they gave me Allison. She was the true all star fan favorite and it's so shitty that she didn't win. It honestly feels like a slap in the face from Tyra.

My pick-obvs

Cycle 13
Actual Contestant(s) on All Stars-Laura. Absolutely the correct choice! Nicole was the correct winner for cycle 13, and Laura was the correct contestant for all stars. A rare time when they got it right!

My pick-

Cycle 14, 15, 16 contestants on all stars-Angelea(how why how?), Kayla, Alexanrida. I just can't bring myself to write about these three. Nobody from those cycles deserved to be on all stars.

Group photo for actual All Stars cast-

My all star cast group photo- Just for the lols I made a group photo in MS paint. I did what the show normally does which is use the original pre makeover casting photos for the group photo. Graphic design is my passion.

So, what do you think ONTD? Did I do a better job at casting or did you prefer the original cast? Be honest, it's the only way I'll learn and grow.

Who is your ANTM all star? Favorite photoshoots? Most memorable awful thing Tyra did?
Pictures-google image
Everything else-watching the show on Hulu 
Tags: antm / top model (international), black celebrities, ontd original, tyra banks
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