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Love After Lockup 3.5 "Feeleeding All the Sexual Explosions" Recap

- Stringalong Shawn finally reveals that he has six kids when he told Destinie he only had two. His excuse, "oh I forgot". This woman has only been out of prison for ten seconds and she's already entering a whirlwind of lies. She says in her CONfessional she's got secrets. Later they are at this hotel and about to ummmmmmmm do the freak nasty. Sis deadass said she bout to get all that punani while she's with Stringalong. Relatable. Later Stringalong is laying some ground rules and Orange is the New Black is not having it and assertively takes the stance that she is going to do whatever the fuck she wants to do.
- Boring Babyface and Boring Suburbanite are going to see his daughter and his baby mama. (Omg his daughter is so cute and she looks just like him). She doesn't really bother communicating with the baby mama which she should make it a point to. She feels awkward because no one really spoke her when she trespassed in the baby mama's home. Later he sees many of the obituaries of those he grew up with. Suburbanite also forgot to bring her summer foundation match to Compton.
- The Lost Migo gives some pushback about moving close to Momma Migo. Shavel and The Lost Migo go into a hotel to make a Mini Migo
- This nigga (Penitentiary Sugar Daddy - Diversity Edition) donned this blue suit, shoes matching the fit to impress his snow bunny. He waiting like Scott who is still waiting for his boo to get out of the SHU

ONTD, have you "niched yourself" in finding love in the most unexpected of places during this pandemic?

Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, reality show, who asked for this
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