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A brief history of Disney TV trying to block Queer Characters in the 2010s

The article is by CartoonBrew here, but I don't want to post the tweet directly bc it will spoil exactly who is the other part of the couple, and I know many people here have expressed interest in watching the show from my post. So I'll post the relevant tweets and a small note about what's mentioned at the source (Which has the spoiler front and center in the image, so be careful)

Dana Terrace (creator, "The Owl House"), said in a thread:

Alex Hirsch ("Gravity Falls") - Be warned, his tweet after this shows the spoilery image as well. I've omitted it here.

"Gravity Falls" premiered in 2012. He mentions that while most fans will call gestures like this 'baiting' or 'pandering' when it takes a very hard fight to get even slivers on TV.

Chris Nee ("Doc McStuffins", which also premiered in 2012 on Disney Jr.)

That episode is "The Emergency Plan".

Again, didn't want to spoil with a direct link to the tweet, but if this isn't okay I suppose I can quote tweet it with the image tiny and just tell you not to read too closely. Shouldn't be too hard.

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