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Brie Larson recounts some of the roles she auditioned for but didn't get

Her first audition was for a commercial when she was seven which she messed up.

Some stuff she auditioned for but didn't get.
The Big Bang Theory: Was told that she was too young for the role (she's 4 years younger than Kaley Cuoco who was 22 when she got the role.
Terminator Genisys: Didn't get it because the casting director said they didn't think she could carry a gun; they didn't ask her to hold a gun during the audition. The role went to Emilia Clarke.
Frozen Ground: The role was for a prostitute. The audition scene was her being interrogated. She overdid it and scared the casting director, the role went to Vanessa Hudgens.
Gossip Girl: Doesn't mention which role she auditioned for but she's glad she didn't get it.
The Hunger Games: Role went to Jennifer Lawrence.
Tomorrowland: Role went to Britt Robertson
DCOMs Smart House and Brink: Both roles went Katie Volding, says not getting those roles really hurt her at that age.
Spy Kids: Role went to Alexa Vega. Now realizes that she had no business auditioning for those movies.
All 3 of the new Stars Wars movies.
Heart in Atlantis: Auditioned when she was 12. When she find out she didn't get the role she "ran away from home" (walked around the block and then came back in a few minutes). Role went Mika Boorem.

Other stories:
Didn't like when she was told to dress a certain way for auditions (jeans miniskirt was a recurring one)
Never liked auditioning for horror movies because she had to mime/react a lot.
Auditioned for something (she won't reveal what) where the casting director told her agent that she was so bad that the casting director would never bring her back for another role ever again (which she didn't).

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