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Cardi B Talks Carole Baskin, OnlyFans, & Working During COVID-19

-Cardi B spoke to i-D about her new single, and the challenges of making new music and content during a global pandemic: “Everything has completely changed because of the pandemic...It was kind of weird shooting the video in the age of corona. Like, we had to spend $100,000 dollars just on testing. Everybody on the shoot had to get tested for coronavirus."

-On Carole Baskin's criticism of the presence of big cats in the "WAP" video: “I’m not gonna engage with Carole Baskin on that. Like, that’s just ridiculous you know? Oh, Lord. Like, girl you killed your goddamn husband.”

-On her newly launched OnlyFans account: “There are certain times -- a lot of times, actually -- when I just want to talk to my fans, you know, my people. I don’t wanna go live on Instagram or say my opinions on social media because people twist it and spin it. There are certain things I want only my fans to see, you know?"

-On people using OnlyFans to post sexual content and nudes: “I feel like people are using it in a different way now, like the way I’m using it. But whatever way people are using OnlyFans, I don’t have a problem with it, you know what I’m saying? Like, if you’re making money and you’re supporting your family by any means… I do not care. Like, that’s your prerogative, I don’t judge you. I do not care.”

-On conservative backlash to the song: "I didn’t know it was going to be so controversial. I never expected that, you know, conservatives and Republicans were going to be talking about the song. I didn’t think the song was as vulgar as they said it was, you know? Like, I’m so used to it. I’m such a freak that I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I didn’t think people would think it was so out of this world…It doesn’t make me angry. It makes me happy. They keep talking and the numbers keep going up. At the end of the day, whatever they’re saying, the numbers speak for themselves.”

Sure enough, "WAP" continues its domination of the charts, holding its #1 spot on iTunes, Apple Music, and US as well as global Spotify, and is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 next week:

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