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AMC Theaters will begin reopening August 20th

*Per an email sent to A-List members last night, AMC will begin staggered opening of movie theaters in the US a week from today.

*In celebration, you can see some old movies on August 20th such as Empire Strikes Back, Black Panther, Back to the Future, etc for $.15 on that day.

*Masks will be required of everyone when not eating or drinking. According to some sources, neck gators, bandanna masks, and masks with those plastic ventilation things will not be allowed.

*Looking through the email they sent out last night, some other details on their reopening plan:

*Here in the United States, we will begin opening AMC with more than 100 theatres resuming operations on August 20, and continuing such that about two-thirds of our theatres across the country should be open no later than September 3.  The remaining AMC locations will open after we get further clearance from state and local authorities that it is safe to do so.

* Social distancing will be very much in evidence throughout our theatres
• We are significantly limiting seating capacity in our auditoriums giving you added space
• All guests and employees must wear masks
• Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes will be widely available throughout theatres
• You can expect continuous extra cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas
• Extra time added between showtimes to clean each auditorium before every screening
• Each auditorium and all seats cleaned daily using sophisticated electrostatic sprayers 
• Increased fresh air handling and use of upgraded MERV 13 air filters wherever possible 
• Use of high-tech HEPA vacuums
• Reduced cash handling at box offices and concession stands
• Introduction of online Mobile Ordering of food and beverage to speed you on your way

*Starting August 21, our bringing back of classic movies will all be priced at only $5 per ticket plus tax. New releases will be at normal current-day pricing. We also are offering a whole host of $5 food and beverage specials to welcome you back to our theaters.

*Double Points for AList and Stubs Members through Oct 31st. Your birthday gifts have been extended to Oct 31st as well.

*All A List members have received $10 Bonus Bucks added to their account to use on tickets and concessions.

*A List accounts will remain suspended until you choose to reactivate them, or until December 1, whichever comes first.

*No A List price increase through June 2021.

*Starting on December 1st, A List members will no longer receive points on their monthly subscription fees however.

*Also starting on December 1st, they will now only give 30 day notice regarding policy changes instead of 90 day.

Source 1, and the email they sent to me last night.

Would you risk it all to see Black Panther for $.15 instead of watching it at home on Disney+, ONTD?
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